Rules and Regulations and Banned Items



1. All Entries of Exhibits intended for competition must be in writing and lodged with the Secretary at her office on or before the dates mentioned for closing of entries at the top of each section. All sections must be on a separate entry form. Entry forms and particulars may be obtained from the secretary.

2. Entries of all kinds may be tested by the judges in any manner they may think requisite and the judges may award a Special Certificate of Merit to any exhibitor they may think worthy of same. Winners of prizes, with the sanction of the committee, may take same either in money, cups or medals, as they may prefer, up to the value of such prize, or supplemented by themselves to any amount.

3. No Exhibit shall have attached to it the name of the owner or exhibitor, or any medal or Certificate of Merit until after the judges have made their awards.

4. Exhibitors of Farm Produce must state that such produce was grown by them and such exhibits must be the produce of the 2015 - 2016 season.

5. All stock (except where otherwise stated) must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor and all farm and other produce must be produced by the Exhibitor, unless otherwise stated.

6. Any competitor not complying with the regulations, will be liable to forfeit his right to compete.

7. All persons desirous of erecting sheds, etc. must make application to the secretary.

8. All exhibitors and competitors must pay gate entry fees or be members of the Wee Waa Show Society Inc.


9. All Exhibits and Prize Money MUST be collected by 6pm on the Saturday of the Show.

10. Pavilion exhibits must not be removed before 5.00 pm on the last day of the Show without the consent of the Pavilion Stewards.

11. Other exhibits must not be removed from their places before 4.00pm on each day of the Show unless the consent of the Stewards has first been obtained.

12. Every exhibit, accompanied by a Certificate of Entry, must be placed and kept by the attendant in the pen or position allotted by the Stewards.

13. Exhibits shall not be touched or interfered with by visitors in any way and any person so offending shall be liable to instant removal from the grounds by order of the stewards.

14. No person, except those in charge of stock, or the stewards in that class, will be allowed on the ground or in the pavilion or pens, during the adjudication by the judges. Each lot must have some person in charge, who must on no account, leave his charge without authority from the stewards of that particular section.

15. Every possible effort will be made to safeguard exhibits while on exhibition, but the committee will not be responsible for any loss or injury thereto from whatever cause arising.


16. The judges will in all cases, be instructed to disqualify all exhibits which do not comply with the terms above stated and to award no prize in any case where the exhibit, in their opinion, is not of sufficient merit to entitle it to one. Where any exhibit is entered in its wrong class, the judge may transfer same to its proper class and shall notify the stewards accordingly. The Head Steward in each section must be fully conversant with the conditions relating thereto and it will be his or her duty to make the judges fully acquainted with such conditions.

17. Statutory Declarations as to bona fides must be furnished by exhibitors in any matter required by the stewards. Any disregard of the above regulations will render any exhibit or exhibitor liable to disqualification by the stewards.

18. All protests must be made in writing, accompanied by a deposit of $10, which shall be forfeited in the event of the protest being deemed frivolous. Such protest is to be handed to the secretary at her office at the ground within three hours after the event relative to which the protest is made has had the award cards exhibited, except in the case of Ring Events, for which the time limit shall be half an hour after judging.

19. Exhibits, if eligible, may be entered in more than one class, unless otherwise stated in this schedule.

20. All complaints by exhibitors must be made in the presence of the Head Steward of the Section in reference to which the complaint is being made.

21. After the awards have been made, exhibits shall have affixed to them, a card bearing the name of the owner, school work excepted. These cards will be attached by the stewards of each section.

22. The Society will not be responsible for any accident that may be caused through, of or by, any exhibitor, and it shall be a condition that each exhibitor shall hold the Society blameless and indemnify it against any legal proceedings arising for such accident. All competitors are required to have their own ambulance cover. The Society will not be responsible for payment of ambulance transport costs.

23. Any person causing annoyance by loud comments on the decision of the judges, or other unseemly or insulting behaviour, will, after having been cautioned by a member of the committee or the secretary, be expelled from the ground.

24. Intending exhibitors are requested to forward all entries of exhibits as early as possible to the secretary, who will allot pens and spaces for them as required.

25. In the case of infringement by any exhibitors of any of the foregoing regulations and by-Laws, it shall be in the power of the committee, upon proof of such infringement, to prohibit such exhibitor from exhibiting and competing at any of the Society’s exhibitions in the future, or any exhibitions of Societies affi liated with the Union of the principal Wee Waa Show Society Inc. of the State, having as their Board of Control, the Royal Agricultural Society of N.S.W.

26. No raffles, guessing competitions or games of chance will be allowed on the showground during the show. Except those run by the show committee.

27. Stewards must be in attendance at the showground at the hour appointed to receive exhibits. They will first attend the secretary’s office to receive official identification.

28. Stewards are responsible for correctly classing exhibits and placing them together ready for29. Stewards will remove all exhibitors and other persons from the vicinity of the judges whilst judging is in progress.

30. Stewards will attend on the judges to afford any information required, but must not do or say anything to influence their decision. They must not reveal the name of the exhibitor or repeat any remarks the judge may make to each other until the judging is completed.

31. Stewards for pavilion exhibits are required to attend at the close of the show at 5 pm, when the doors will be closed to deliver exhibits to exhibitors or authorised receivers.

32. All stewards shall withdraw while judging of exhibits in which they are interested, directly or indirectly, is taking place.

B.Dickinson, President

The control of undue noise from Side Shows will be under the direct control of the committee. Any offence can cause the removal of any offender after having been warned by a member of the committee.

Federal Council of Agricultural Societies



Drug Related Goods (including Cocaine Kits, Bongs etc.)
Explicit and Hardcore T-Shirts
Fake Cigarettes
Fireworks - Crackers
Fuel Type Fire Lighters - Zippo
Horns and Trumpets
Knives (including Pen Knives}
Laser Pointers
Metal and wooden Martial Art Nunchakas
Playing Cards (Nude or Lurid)
Pressure Pack Snow
Pressure Pack Fart Gas
Silly String
Stink Bombs
Bouncing Beans
Water Bombs

Toy Guns are acceptable, however, the following are NOT:
• Ball Bearing Guns • Eight Shot Caps
• Pellet Guns • Pop Downs (Throw Downs)
• Potato Guns (Bullet Type) • Roll Caps
• Strip Caps • Water Pistols over 150mm (6”)
Samurai Swords, English Swords and Fencing Swords are to be
sold in Sealed Packages by Licensed Traders ONLY