Cotton Seed Distributors Wee Waa Showgirl Competition 2019  


Why enter the Wee Waa Showgirl Competition?

The Wee Waa Showgirl Competition gives entrants a range of benefits: 

- develop interview skills 
- experience on-stage speaking in front of a small audience
- networking 
- written application preparation 
- development of communication skills
- refine personal presentation

2019 is open to Junior and Senior entrants.

Want to know more information? Our 2018 Wee Waa Showgirl is one of our 2019 Wee Waa Showgirl stewards, so have a chat to Gerri and find out what opportunities she had during her experience!
Gerri ‭0400 255 803




An open letter from our 2018 Showgirl winner, Gerri Cruickshank. 


I thought it was time to introduce myself as the 2018 Wee Waa Showgirl.

I am a Wee Waa local, growing up within the area. I attended Burren Junction Public School and completed my high school years at Wee Waa High. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce.

I have always been involved in many local ag shows throughout my childhood with my love of horses and competing in the show ring, helping out with the cattle section to entering school works throughout my years at Burren Junction Public School. I am currently working for C & W Financial Services whilst studying a Bachelor of Commerce. When the opportunity of showgirl came along I didn’t give it a second thought.

In 2011 I was awarded junior showgirl for the Wee Waa show. This gave me some insight into the role and opportunities that arise from being showgirl for your local town. I was in awe of how professional the showgirls were and how well they represented our community.

I entered the showgirl competition to represent my local community and to meet likeminded rural women with our common love of agriculture and its industry. I also was excited about the networking and professional development I would receive from entering in the showgirl competition.

The lead up to the show sends a buzz around the town with excitement for the annual event. My lead up to the show was very different from previous years as I was preparing for my interview with 3 judges and a showgirl evening to speak in front of a small crowd! I kept thinking of ways to prepare and what should I do but in the end the only thing I could really do was back myself, my knowledge and have fun! And that I did!